About the Hönle Group:

In addition to the parent company, UV systems specialist Dr. Hönle AG (UV / UV-LED units and systems, professional lighting technology), the Hönle Group also comprises of the sheet-offset specialist Eltosch Grafix (UV/UV-LED/IR/hotair dryers and peripheral units, e.g. ink fixation and powder systems) and the UV specialist for web printing PrintConcept.
Experts in the divison glass and lamp manufacturing are Raesch (customized quartz glass components), UV-Technik Speziallampen (lamp manufacturing, e.g. for UV disinfection) and Aladin (UV lamp manufacturing). A further subsidiary is the adhesives specialist Panacol.
The German based Hönle Group has local subsidiaries in China, France and the USA as well as a sales offices in Italy and a sales & service office in Spain. The Hönle Group also has an extensive worldwide network of experienced sales and service partners.

Hönle Group Map